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Reaction animations.

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1Reaction animations. Empty Reaction animations. on Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:31 pm

Everything the player tries to do should provide some result (no matter how small) or the player shouldn't be able to try in the first place.

This includes things as simple as climbing on furniture, reaching a position where enemies can no longer path to you, or even just standing still for a prolonged amount of time.

I understand the animations in the games are in a very early stage, but I'd love to see some obscure bonus animations for players who do the unnecessary.

Players who climb on furniture should get a wobbling animation.
Players who watch an enemy whom is stuck should; Get to see the a dumbfounded animation by the enemy, do a taunt animation, see a enemy do an infuriated animation.
Players who stand around should get (context-specific?) idle animation, it would definitely encourage players to admire the scenery.
Panning the camera down to look up at the scenery should prompt girl to do a lean back animation (one that attempts to prevent upskirt shots [#prescriptionpixel]Arrow )

These kind of animations were always the polish that made game shine in my eyes.

A great way of coming up with places to put bonus animations is to watch youtube videos of people playing the game and seeing what unnecessary things they get up to. In fact this entire video was inspired by watching Prescription Pixels "Let's Kickstart : The Girl & the Robot" video.

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2Reaction animations. Empty Re: Reaction animations. on Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:24 pm

Yes. I was thinking there should be some sort of reaction when the girl gets caught by one of the blackguard robots; he raises his ax, she raises her arms in defense, and the screen freezes, saying "game over."

On a side note, that thing about the camera looking up her skirt was bothering me too. I would personally be a bit more comfortable if the camera wouldn't sink that far down when you are looking up, perhaps the girl even turning invisible when the camera gets close.

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3Reaction animations. Empty Re: Reaction animations. on Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:45 pm

Oh! One more thing. I was thinking, in the room with the moving platforms where the pendant is kept, the girls could stretch out her arms and balance when she is walking across the narrow balance beam.

I also thought that the "repair" animation was a little weak and could stand a bit more details when it came to the actual repairing process, like maybe with a screwdriver or something.

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