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Inputs and the truly floating girl.

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1Inputs and the truly floating girl. Empty Inputs and the truly floating girl. on Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:02 pm


So I just bought this and played through the latest alpha version to test it out.

First off I could not get the input to make my looking up and down inverted. Kind of sucks for aiming! (Not sure if I should just make a topic asking for an inverted looking option...But for the most part the input screen wouldn't truly accept my right joystick inputs from my wired 360 controller besides when I changed RIGHT aim to UP aim and made it all messed up for testing purposes.)

Actual bug I found if you have a ledge about knee high or so the girl can jump on the robots shapes(invisble bits) and even stand on him, to test things I controlled the bot from ontop of his head and when I moved the bot she was floating where she was at the height just above the bot just kinda stuck there. I could grab her with the bot so it didn't break the game for me. Still interesting.

2Inputs and the truly floating girl. Empty Re: Inputs and the truly floating girl. on Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:20 pm


Thanks for the bug Bobboberson!

For the inverted controls, this will be in the final version; expect to have it when we implement the option menu.

For the girl floating, I think I understand what you mean and I'll try to look into it. If you don't mind next time, a quick screenshot of your screen (alt+print screen) can also help us identify the bug faster.
thanks again!


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