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Button Configuration

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1Button Configuration  Empty Button Configuration on Sat Aug 13, 2016 3:36 am

Hi Salim. I'm playing the v1.0, I was wondering what are the button configurations? The game says press LB button for Robot's shield, but I don't know which one is on my keyboard.  Question

Here's what I get to use:

Q - pickup Girl/Heal Robot
E - action button
R - Switch players
W - move forward
A - sidestep left
S - move backward
D - sidestep right

Move mouse - Movement direction
left click - Robot sword attack
right click - Robot arrows

Shield - ???
And how do you do the backstab move?

UPDATE: Got a Game Over by just riding the first elevator puzzle. Weird. confused
Other than that, but on the same elevator, the Girl's feet dips lower on the moving elevator going up, Robot has it fine tho.

Also, the sound effects of Robot's running is too low.
Does the girl have a running sound too? I think she needs one.

I few gripes, the first stages lack Background music.

I like to suggest button customization, button legends, sound adjusters(volume for SFX and BGM) if ever that's possible.

I'm currently having a hard time fighting the witch and her dark robot; I get how to damage them tho.

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2Button Configuration  Empty Re: Button Configuration on Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:23 am


Hey Zynk!
To answer your question about the buttons. You can use the mouse middle button to raise your shield. To Back stab, you only need to attack while facing the back of an enemy. You can read the controls here:
Also, if you don't like that configuration, you can also change them in by clicking the input tap in the start-up menu.

For the evil queen boss, I would suggest keeping the girl on the second floor while trying to avoid the queen. The queen stop moving when you control the robot so she is safe on the second floor if you need to do stuff with the robot on the first floor.

I hope this helps!

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