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last puzzle in town difficulty

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1last puzzle in town difficulty Empty last puzzle in town difficulty on Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:05 pm


the last puzzle in the town involve the girl to walk on a weight switch:
last puzzle in town difficulty 010

which open a window:
last puzzle in town difficulty 110

The robot have to get behind the windows, and shoot at the bow switch:
last puzzle in town difficulty 210

which opens the door:
last puzzle in town difficulty 410

You'll have to defeat the silver robot following the girl and putting pressure on her since the beginning:
last puzzle in town difficulty 510

In total, a player that goes straight for it has 20 seconds to do all those actions and succed.

Most of the time, players here are stressed out by the new silver robot (it's the first time ever we encounter him), so they search for a way out, when they come to this area, they try to use the weight switch, but since most of the time they don't see a direct effect (the window is out of sight), they walk away.

if we decide to patch this there are different ways to do it:

  • put the weight switch under the window to force the player to see the window oppening
  • augment the sound effect of the window's oppening to give a more obvious hint to the player
  • place the silver robot completely at the back of his hidding place to give the player more time
  • add a safe zone for the girl to give the player the time to think (for exemple the space with the bench)

I like the fact that it is difficult because it create a lot of tension but i believe that it could get anoying for somenone who's not use to play videogames.

Have a good one.
Hugo cat

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2last puzzle in town difficulty Empty Re: last puzzle in town difficulty on Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:24 am


Thank you, I think you bring up a good point.
I added a camera view in version 0.013 so that the player can get a clear view of the window opening.
I think most of your solutions are good, but this is the one that is easier to implement without remodeling the level.
One note, be careful when you use sound for game design purposes. Relying on sound alone cannot be enough to guide the player; and increasing the volume of a sound can be more confusing (and annoying) to the player.


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