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Comments on v. 0.006

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1Comments on v. 0.006 Empty Comments on v. 0.006 on Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:53 pm


First of all, I can definitely see the quality improvement between v. 0.005 and 0.006. The newer version just feels like the environment possesses more depth. The candle sticks were a nice touch, and the fire animation has definitely improved. I like how the new camera angle used in the pendent room when the platforms move; much more dynamic. And the paintings on the walls of the rising pillar room just pop out at you with their vibrant colors.

I noticed how, in this version, the girl seems to slow down a bit when she's running, as though she gets tired, like the robot. Even if that is not the case, it might be a cool little complication to add to the gameplay, to make it more realistic.

There were some great additions to the combat too. I noticed this time how the enemy robots could dodge your attacks, instantly boosting the challenge factor of the combat. It is a little bit difficult to get used to using the rocket jump to dodge attacks yourself though. I also noticed that the enemy robots never seem to be in the exact same place every time I play the game, adding another layer of complexity to combat, so that it is not so easy that, when you die, you can just go back and plot an ambush. However, I noticed that they do not seem to respond to the presence of the robot at great distances, such as at the gate of the pendant room, making the enemy a sitting duck for arrow fire. Finally, I noticed that, when given the choice, the enemy robots will ignore your robot entirely, and go after the girl, which is certainly suggestive as to their instructions and the peril the girl is in; she is the target.

I only have a few suggestions off the top of my head.
First of all, in the pendant room, for some reason the tablets marking which levers move which pillars are harder to see at short distances.
Second, I noticed how the robot's sound effect has changed. It now sounds a bit more "bubbly"; not mechanical and this sort of takes away the realism that draws you into the game
Finally, the animation when the girl stops and stands still for a while is great. My only comment on that is that putting her hands on her hips sort of seems to imply that she has an attitude; like she's looking around and waiting for someone to come along and serve her or carry her around. Of course, that is just my impression. Maybe that will change when I have more information about what's going on.

Anyway, great work, to all of you!

2Comments on v. 0.006 Empty Re: Comments on v. 0.006 on Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:38 am


Thank you gwolffe for you input. We're glad you like it overall. We're working even more of the combat for the next version Smile For the sfx we changed it because some though that the mechanical sound was hard on the hear after a while.


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