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The Japanese Instructions

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1The Japanese Instructions Empty The Japanese Instructions on Sat Mar 29, 2014 5:42 am


This falls totally into the realm of my personal opinion, but as a native Japanese speaker I would make the following adjustments to the Japanese instruction PDF.

Page 2/3:
見る to カメラ操作
While it works in English, describing the function as "looking" is mildly awkward in Japanese.

ロボット/少女を制御する to キャラクター操作変更(ロボット/少女)
制御 is more of a word used in the context of having control over something.  In the terms of gaming, I feel it is better off to use 操作, which means you are operating it.

物を使う/走る(押すまま) to


押すまま is a literal translation which is awkward in this context.  長押し is typically used to denote holding down a button.  My personal preference is to separate the entry into a separate line to dispel any possible source of confusion.

攻撃(3回まで) to 攻撃(連続攻撃は3回まで)

Having just 3回まで literally translates to only being able to attack three times period.  While I'm certain almost no one would be this nit-picky, it would be better off to denote in full that the 3 time limit applies to consecutive attacks.

狙う(弓) to 弓を構える
弓を構える would translate to "ready your bow" in English, but I feel like it is better to use then aim with your bow in Japanese.

Xbox 360 ゲームパッド to Xbox 360 PC用 コントローラー
Japanese people refer to game pads mostly as controllers.

Page 4:

ノート to 注意

Xbox 360 PC用コントローラー以外をご利用なされる場合は設定変更画面にてボタン設定が可能です。
This would literally translate back as "If you are using any other controller then the Xbox 360 controller, it is possible to set your buttons in the settings screen.", but it is more polite and works out better then the literal translation currently being used.

Alpha Version Debugging to アルファ版 デバッグ機能

This may have been a quick and dirty version to hold you over till you hire someone to redo it towards the end of the development cycle.  In that case, please ignore.

Keep trucking, looking forward to seeing more new stuff!

2The Japanese Instructions Empty Re: The Japanese Instructions on Sat May 10, 2014 9:47 am


Page 1:

3The Japanese Instructions Empty Re: The Japanese Instructions on Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:44 am


Thank you so much for the help hanabichan and Nick!
The changes awere made in version 0.009.
The Japanese was translated quickly by me who is not a native Japanese speaker, but except better Japanese in the final version.


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