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Stuck if you try to switch when an enemy is attacking you + Graphical problems

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So I just tried the new alpha (0.007) and this happened to me:

I pressed the switch button by error while trying to figure out how to use the shield, and after the animation the enemy hit me and I got frozen in place.

This has happened twice so far, so it might be usual.

Also, when I loaded a check point part of the textures of the robot became transparent for some reason:

Finally, if you carry the girl with the robot to the room at the start you'll notice that a shadow appears at the ceiling when under the door. I suppose this might happen every time you are near any ceiling, so it's worth checking it out.

Well, I hope I could be of any help. Keep up with it  Smile

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Oh, it seems this already happened with the previous Alpha: http://flyingcarpetsgames.forummotion.com/t53-user-freezes-if-control-is-switched-to-girl-as-robot-is-struck

Can't see any thread about the graphical issues though.

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Thank you FJLink. Yes, this should be fixed in version 0.008.

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