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The (zooming) Girl and the Robot

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1The (zooming) Girl and the Robot Empty The (zooming) Girl and the Robot on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:57 pm


Here's a dumb little glitch I found while replaying and practicing the game. If you skip the Game Over screen fast enough after the robot is crushed, he'll explode a second time after you respawn. If you're running as the girl when this happens the game will replace your walking speed with the running speed (though you go no faster when you run properly). Jumping returns you back to normal. This is in v1.0 just to confirm. I have a video on my Youtube channel which is accessible via my twitch or twitter showcasing the glitch, I'd link the video direct but the forum for some reason doesn't allow me as a new member to post a link for 7 days so can't link it in this post.

Also as an aside, I did report via twitter about a glitch causing the game to go in a state where all enemies despawned and checkpoints and cutscenes stopped working and, in case you were having problems working out what caused it from what I said since it wasn't the most clear, further routing to try and find the quickest route for speedrunning seems to have found the reason. At the start bit I had the video for doing it too quickly seems to not activate the checkpoint for getting the necklace and because you haven't got that you can't get the next checkpoint. Basically, skipping checkpoints does it. I tried doing things later in the run that would involve skipping checkpoints and the same thing occurred.

Hopefully that plus the zooming glitch are both useful to you

2The (zooming) Girl and the Robot Empty Re: The (zooming) Girl and the Robot on Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:34 pm


Thank you socialspeedrunner, we are looking into those bugs for a future patch.


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